The Knives


 Working Man


Camp & Specialty

Collectors want one of a kind hand crafted and uniquely designed knives.  The Elite Collection is uncompromising.  From the Damascus Steel to the specialty handles and hand crafted leather sheaths these knives will grow in value and become special heirlooms.

The Title says it all.  Rugged well designed knives that are meant for years of practical use.  Still finely crafted and made to last the wear and tear in a working mans world.  A Working Man knife from the Todd Collection will provide many years of dependable service.


Built with Beauty and Precision you will be reaching into your pocket to show off these World Class folders. Whether it's for everyday practical use or just to hold a beautiful piece of workmanship in your hand these folders will be appreciated for years to come.


Wilderness trips require knives that will live up to camp life.  From precision cutting  to filleting  the days catch we've got you covered. A fine selection of camp and specialty knives.